Meet the woman or man of your dreams.. just by buying a Nintendo Switch!

I noticed this advert on the train today and thought long and hard about it. The big feature with most gaming consoles and games is the ability to compete with other players online. The Nintendo Switch makes it possible to do this offline and on the go too.

It’s a very social console – my employer recently bought a Switch with multiple controllers for staff use (we have games nights here – whether it be classic console gaming or card games – something for everyone).

She’s going to lose the game – she’s too busy coyishly playing with her hair having noticed the gentleman sitting opposite her across the aisle! There goes her chances at the E-Sport Championships! Drat!

But when I looked at the advert, it felt more like an advert for a dating site than it does for a games console! The background characters make me chuckle – romance at the back of the bus and she’s looking completely unimpressed! I don’t know what’s special about that bus, but I’ll have whatever its having.

Maybe this is where I’ve been going wrong for the past 7-8 years – I need to buy a Nintendo Switch to find a wife! Though I do wonder what the divorce statistics are for couples that spend too much time playing computer games and not with each other (oo-er missus).