While we’re still in lockdown in one form or another, I’ve been going back over all the photos I’ve accumulated over the years and reminiscing about just how much I loved travelling. My ex-wife (who was, and still is, a travel agent) and I managed to rack up quite a few miles over the the 12 years that we were married.

I’ve taken all of the photos from two of the biggest trips that we undertook, and turned them into a slideshow presentation, using nothing more than Apple Photos and some royalty-free music via an Epidemic Sound trial. If I were smarter, I’d have broken things up a bit and used Final Cut Pro to make the presentation a bit more polished. Apple Photos could really do with a few more extra themes too, TBH. But it is what it is, and I rather like the final result.

First up, Egypt. My mum used to love all things Egypt, and I felt extremely proud and lucky to have been able to travel throughout most of the country, visiting some of the most famous sights and landmarks this incredible country has to offer. While security concerns were at an all time high (a bomb had gone off in one of resorts we visited, Dahab, a few weeks earlier), I never felt unsafe throughout the entire journey.

Up next is Southeast Asia, taking in Thailand, Cambodia and a bit of Vietnam. This too was an incredible experience. Angkor Wat was truly straight out of Tomb Raider (of which our guide was part of the on-set guides for the filming crew for the first Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider movie, and I worked on the second film, alas I only got out as far as Pinewood Studios for that).

The Cambodian countryside is so beautiful, yet there are still many mines out there that need to be deactivated and made safe. Alas, the Khmer Rouge’s legacy is still there for all to see. But the Cambodian people themselves are lovely, resilient and welcoming people. I cannot say enough nice things about them.

There are many, many other slideshows I could produce (and may do so) regarding my travels across the globe, but for now I’ll leave you with the two above. And here’s to many more travel adventures when this bleedin’ planet can sort itself out and not keep getting itself put back in lockdown because people are too impatient and/or have a death wish.