Life has a way of tripping you up at pretty much every corner.  Last weekend we cremented my step mum who sadly passed away at the end of October.  In the weeks following her passing, I've gone through most of the stages of grief.  What I least expected was to be so angry. One day [...]

One of the biggest problems with versus the self-hosted version of WordPress is that the lord high muck-a-mucks at Automattic that run everything have decreed that Google Analytics, a free stats service provided by Google, is only available to those that spend $300 per year (in one go - oh no, you can't pay [...]

Decided that I'm a bit fed up paying around £30 per month for hosting a small blog, and decided to start anew on which costs the same for an entire year. I'm in the process of going through and digging out a few old posts and interviews and will update this blog accordingly.  May [...]