If there is one thing that can be said about the modern internet is that it’s really reduced people’s tolerance levels. Once, long ago, these people had the patience of saints. Now? “Offence, offence, offence! Cancel this, cancel that! I am truly offended by what you say!” Or, “I want this thing yesterday, and I want you to tell me exactly where it is at all times, down to the microsecond, or I’ll cancel the order and will go elsewhere! You’re a bunch of useless bastards, I hate all of you, you incompetent Schweinehunds!” (Said person subsequently orders elsewhere and the same problem occurs – repeats outrage until they get a heart attack or achieve spontaneous human combustion).


To put it simply – people have about as much tolerance as a poodle has for a cement mixer.

The latest outrage is people buying iPhone 12 (Pro)s. Given that we’re still in a global pandemic and that manufacturing has been affected as a result – it’s not any great surprise to anyone that there are maybe fewer units available at launch day/week/month than usual. A supply constraint. Add to that fewer stores open, add to that fewer employees working (both online and in-store), and add to that we’re about to enter a second national lockdown.

And yet people are raging about delivery times, orders going wrong and being sent back to the DPD/EE warehouse and having to wait again as their phone is allocated to somebody else.

There’s me, trying to arrange a delivery slot with a major supermarket for basics such as food and toiletries, and finding practically all the slots full for the coming week.

I too have ordered an iPhone 12 Pro from EE, but unlike most people, I am waiting patiently – occasionally checking the order, but otherwise willing to wait however long it takes to receive the phone ( a week, two weeks, a month – whatever). I already have a terrifically decent phone to be getting on with until it does. If I find it gets sent back – no problem, mistakes are made – just you try working out logistics at this scale in this challenging environment – and we can resolve it and carry on. Patiently.

If we’re going to have any more World Wars (or more even deadlier global pandemics), it’ll be thanks to the internet, social media companies and the press that gets people killed. Maybe it’s about time that we disconnect a little more and spend more time looking at what’s more important than TikToks, YouTubes and what Kayne West is saying now on Twitter.

Introducing the iPhone 12.5 – a brick. It’s quite literally a brick (but in multiple colours). Can be used with other iPhone 12.5’s to make a house, or any other kind of building. Can’t be used to make calls, take photographs or video, connect to the internet or even play music or video. It’s a brick. Environmentally friendly because it doesn’t need charging. (Cue 20,000 YouTube videos covering the iPhone 12.5, determining how strong a brick actually is – and building houses with it.)

So, I’ve just placed my order with EE for the iPhone 12 Pro. Not the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but the regular 6.1″ iPhone 12 Pro.

Over the past few years when I’ve been on EE’s Annual Upgrade plan, I’ve always gone for the bigger phone which usually (but not always) had the better camera system, along with the bigger screen and battery. It’s fine, but the unit is always a bit bulky and there have been times when I’ve nearly dropped the darn thing. But with the iPhone X, that was a good size.

So I’m opting for the smaller size this year. But this also means I’m going to be missing out on better camera features such as a 47% bigger image sensor, bigger camera pixels and sensor-shift stabilisation. These are only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In this time of Covid, with all these lockdowns, I don’t need them. I’m not going on holiday, I generally stay indoors. If I go out it’s to run errands. What am I going to need a 47% bigger image sensor and a wider aperture for? When we all enter tier 2, tier 3 and maybe even a national lockdown – none of that extra stuff is going to matter.

The iPhone 12 Pro already has an incredible camera system bolstered by the A14 system-on-a-chip. The machine learning/neural processing unit has seen a substantial upgrade which gives computational photography a major boost. There’s the ability to record video in Dolby Vision HDR, but as I don’t have a Dolby Vision TV or monitor – that’s completely useless to me, and besides which, even if I had a compatible TV, it’s unlikely to be compatible because Apple is using the very latest specification of Dolby Vision which many TVs won’t be using – and may not be upgradeable to – they’ve overshot themselves here – if you display DV content on a non-compatible device, it’ll look washed out unless you were to do some major manual colour grading.

Just take a look at what can be achieved using the video capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro (not Max). This is playlist with some incredible footage taken by the phone:

Then there is the photography aspect. So many reviews – and almost all of them extremely positive. Austin Mann’s review is of particular interest.

So I’m happy with everything this is for now. Maybe next year when the iPhone 13 Pro Max is released with even more features I’d be tempted to move back to the bigger size – hopefully by then we’ll have made some progress with regards to a vaccine and being able to move about a bit more freely.

Full review as and when I get the unit. I’ve opted for the Pacific Blue colour, and the Dark Navy MagSafe case. The EE Plan I’ve gone for this year is the Full Works which includes Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade bundled (saving me a bit of money each month), unlimited data (was previously 100Gb) and, of course, 5G coverage (which isn’t available here in Woking as yet).