Can I introduce you please To a lump of cheddar cheese

Knit one, pearl one
Drop one, curl one
Kick it

Vindaloo, by Fat Les

I don’t know much about football, but at least I know that it’s something that many people enjoy and like to spend lots of money on. Whether that’s attending matches, buying merchandising, or subscribing to exclusive TV sports channels.

Back in the 1990s when I was living in Norwich, the company I was working for at the time did a bit of work for the Canaries (Norwich City F.C.) – it even involved going up into the stadium’s offices in person – which wasn’t a hardship given that Net Communications Ltd. were situated just around the corner from them.

Alas I’ve not had the same privilege of visiting the Emirates Stadium, but given that I don’t actually need to physically be there (I work on the infrastructure for Arsenal’s site), it’s a moot point – though given the work I’ve done for Arsenal, I am tempted to visit one of these days. It’s a bit like Top Gear – never really liked the show until I started working alongside them, and then I took a great interest in what’s going – to the point of applying for tickets to the show despite not being able to drive. I’m getting more interested in Arsenal’s progression in this, the beautiful game (though I’d could argue that rugby is more so – my former landlord was a former England captain that saw them win the rugby world cup against New Zealand – it was a joy to watch).

What I’m trying to say is that I like Arsenal, and I like working for them through my employers. The infrastructure is interesting, and I’ve done a lot of work building scripts (alas not yet Ansible) to help manage and maintain it, including patching and deployment automation.

The most recent work was supporting the project manager and developers in ensuring that the site was able to take the load when the new Arsenal kit went live. Lots of work between different environments and testing. It was a great success, and it’s lovely to see my employers give shout outs to the team on LinkedIn. This is so much better than the movie industry – though to be fair, MPC did issue a number of adverts in the pages of Cinefex over the years listing our names even if we didn’t make the end credits of a film (which is 99% of the time).

I like to thank the Academy..

Now, I’ve just to got to learn of rules of Whack Bat and hope we can secure the e-commerce site of the official Whack Bat league.

Elsewhere in e-commerce space, Amazon Fresh seems to think condoms are cereal. I’m also concerned about the placement of Nut Butter below them…

“Nut Butter”