About Martyn

Martyn is 44 years old, divorced, and a senior systems administrator at a multi-award winning e-commerce agency that specialises in multi-cloud SAP Hybris backend development, management, and support.  He specialises in Windows, Linux and macOS desktop and server system administration.  

For more information on Martyn’s career, please see his LinkedIn profile.

While at the web hosting company Memset Ltd., Martyn was the first line support team leader and a senior systems administrator. He was also responsible for looking after the SquirrelSave personal online backup service which allowed anybody to keep their PC or Mac’s data safe in the cloud.

Prior to working for Memset, Martyn spent seven years working in the film and television post-production industry.  Martyn has worked for The Moving Picture Company (MPC) and Imagineer Systems (now Boris FX) as a production systems administrator and systems engineer respectively, specialising in film technologies including distributed VFX rendering, storage systems (scalability and performance), virtualisation, secure remote/on-set location and communications accessibility.

He has worked on a total of 42 film and television productions at his time at MPC.

Martyn handled the shooting of the promotional video for Imagineer Systems Mogul VFX architecture, featuring interviews with prominent members of the visual effects community that was shown back at NAB in 2008.

In February 2013, Imagineer Systems picked up an Academy Award in the category of Scientific and Engineering Award (Academy Plaque) for their planar tracking and rotoscoping software, Mocha.

He has interviewed Jane Goldman on her film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust (as well as attend Neil’s private screening) and in 2005 travelled to New York to attend the world premiere of Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

In his spare time, he is learning to produce short stories and screenplays.

He co-founded the Anglian Linux User Group way back in the late 1990s and ran its mailing list and website for a while.

He was a recognised Power Poster/Top Contributor on the Google Apps customer forums between 2007-2009.  He still runs Google Workspace Enterprise (as it’s now called) for his personal email.

He was a supporter of the Raindance film school and festival (which he brought to Memset for their web hosting), and once won a pitch competition at one of their screenwriting classes. He has yet to develop that idea, given that most of his days are spent making sure multi-million-pound websites are alive and well.

Martyn also created and maintained (for a while) the Wikipedia page for the 1971 Australian pop classic, The Pushbike Song.