But I would walk 500 miles

And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

Disclaimer: The Proclaimers

Very tired, and quite possibly wanting a very lengthy bath and a good night’s sleep.   But the truth is, after a long period of not exercising regularly, I need to up my game substantially.

Back when I was working for Memset Hosting, I would regularly commute to work by electric pushbike.  It was fun, got me to and from work without having to pay a penny in public transport costs, and actually saw me get fitter.  Unfortunately I was knocked off my bike three times, dislocated my shoulder once, cracked ribs twice, smashed myself in the face and finally hobblled around everywhere on crutches for weeks on end was somewhat of an inconvienice during my time cycling.  So I took up walking.  Especially after we moved to Dunsfold.

So I started to walk to the train station, three miles away from where I live.  I got up at the crack of dawn, put on a pair of recycled cycling leggings and a T-shirt (I honestly don’t care what I look like as long as I’m comfortable doing so – my ex-wife described me as “the snail” in my gettup after adding a backpack to the ensemble), and fast walked all the way to the station, took the train to Guildford, and then to work.  It was hugely satisfying and kept me relatively trim.

But I fell off the wagon.  I started to take the bus both ways (as opposed to one way – I wasn’t going to walk back along a darkened canal path in the winter – or even in bright light during the summer for that matter).  I couldn’t really go anywhere during my lunch breaks at Dunsfold as I didn’t drive (and still don’t).  I started needing bigger clothes sizes..

Several years later, in a new job, and it’s now time to get myself back into shape.  I’ve had enough being the size that I am and now want to get back into what I loved to do most – walking.  

Thankfully my colleagues want to do the same.  So we’ve started a formal 5K steps club in which twice or three times a week we’ll go out for a brisk walk in the hope we’ll make 5,000 steps in under 45 minutes.  It’ll take some effort to get there (especially after today’s session – boy, did I sweat – I’ll have to take a change of clothes with me for sure for next time), but it’ll be worth it.  The goal is to be able to join other colleagues who go for a run at lunchtime.  That, and being able to brisk walk to the train station for work again.  The Arriva bus service in my area has been pretty bad of late – mainly due to the roadworks in Woking – so now is a good excuse to get fitter so I can avoid them.

Maybe I’ll even take up cycling again?  But small steps first.  Small steps.  The Snail Will Return!  Viva La Snail!