When I first got an iPad, I was mightily impressed with Empire Magazine's transition to the digital landscape.  It showed off what was possible with digital publishing. ALAS! 2018, and Bauer Media has made an absolute pig's ear of the app.  The first mistake was transitioning to a new platform, and with that platform came [...]

I was working from home yesterday, when I suddenly noticed that the TV switching and changing HDMI inputs from the Sky Q box to the Apple TV.  The following appeared on the TV screen: Who you gonna call?  Zoe.  Zoe did a bad thing.  Arrest Zoe.  Bad Zoe.  Naughty Zoe. I paniced at first, thinking [...]

And I would walk 500 moreJust to be the man who walks a thousand milesTo fall down at your doorDisclaimer: The Proclaimers Very tired, and quite possibly wanting a very lengthy bath and a good night's sleep.   But the truth is, after a long period of not exercising regularly, I need to up my game [...]