Getting there..

One of the biggest problems with versus the self-hosted version of WordPress is that the lord high muck-a-mucks at Automattic that run everything have decreed that Google Analytics, a free stats service provided by Google, is only available to those that spend $300 per year (in one go – oh no, you can’t pay monthly here) for the Business package.  This makes it as expensive as self-hosting (or at least to do self-hosting properly).

The JetPack analytics are okay.  But they’re simple and don’t give enough insight.  I’d be tempted to move up one level to Premium for an extra $50 a year, but Google Analytics isn’t available and the stats offered by Automattic don’t improve either.

That said, I’m generally very happy with the hosted version of WordPress and do intend to stick around.  It does 90% of what I want and having looked at various other options, it is the most familiar CMS (content management system) and still one of the cheapest.

I’ve imported all the old pages – generally interviews with Susanna Clarke, Jane Goldman (who is currently developing the new Game of Thrones spin-off series, which is quite exciting) and Judith Adams, as well as restoring my “About Martyn” page.  As for the rest of the content, I’ve decided to retire it.  I think after so many years it becomes irrelevant as the march of progress moves forever forward.