Well, I must say, I'm not disappointed!  Definitely much sharper when examining at 100% resolution. So here are a few photos I've taken - original files in JPG format (exported from Photos app on iOS to Google Drive and uploaded here).  Just click on an image to expand to full size.  Remember: the copyright on [...]

One of the biggest problems with WordPress.com versus the self-hosted version of WordPress is that the lord high muck-a-mucks at Automattic that run everything have decreed that Google Analytics, a free stats service provided by Google, is only available to those that spend $300 per year (in one go - oh no, you can't pay [...]

Decided that I'm a bit fed up paying around £30 per month for hosting a small blog, and decided to start anew on WordPress.com which costs the same for an entire year. I'm in the process of going through and digging out a few old posts and interviews and will update this blog accordingly.  May [...]